Dec 10

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5 Days of Healthy Holiday Gifts – Day 1 Fitness Gear

5 Days of Healthy Holiday Gifts – Day 1 Fitness Gear

I’ve been spending the last few years working on my health and fitness and living a healthier lifestyle.  Seeking out the best fitness, diet and wellness tips, I’ve learned quite a bit, lost 20 lbs and am passionate about sharing my favorite healthy things.

Every day this week, we are bringing you our favorite fitness gear.  5 days of Everything Healthy TV approved gifts for your friends, family (or yourself) that will feed your mind, body and spirit.


Fitness Gear

1.  Zagorra Hot Pants
Image credit:  zaggora.comI had NO idea of what to expect when I ordered my first pair of Zaggora Hot Pants. The website said the pants were made of, “Celu-lite Technology™, a multi-layer fabric technology harnessing the body’s natural heat during exercise which may help to increase the metabolic rate.”  Harnessing body heat?  increasing my metabolic rate?  I was in!

About a week after I ordered them online, which is the only way you can get them in the states, I received my package from Zaggora in the mail and was over the top excited to open the package and try on my magical metabolic pants.

I was completely shocked when they arrived and realized they were neoprene   They looked and felt like jogging in a wet suit. And I liked it!!  They are perfect for winter running since they help to keep in the heat and are toasty warm!

Head on over to my official review to find out more about Zagorra Hot Pants and Hot Pants 2.0.

Where to buy them
You can get a 10% discount if you use the code HelthyTV since I’m an official Zaggora ambassador.

Athleta Runabout Pants
Zaggora’s are great for fall and winter running but for spring and fall running, I recommend Athleta’s Runabout Pant. They have a pocket for your keys in the front and a pocket in the back that will hold a ipod (I like to have my music in my pocket and not around my arm.)  The are mid weight pants, so they aren’t ideal for when it’s super hot out, but they do have wicking technology to keep the moisture off your skin.

Where to buy them
You can find the Runabouts here

Earmuffs & Gloves
You can lose as much as 30% of your body heat through extremities, so it’s important to keep them covered up and dry.

UGG Earmuffs
I don’t have any favorites, but a good set of earmuffs and gloves is essential to getting through a cold weather run. UGG has a pair of earmuffs that look amazing, but I haven’t tried them out yet.   They are stylish and look warm as well.

Where to buy them
You can find UGG earmuffs here

As far as gloves go, check out Athleta’s Polartec® Power Stretch® Touch Gloves or Asics Thermopolis® Gloves


Stay tuned tomorrow for a few of our favorite tech gadgets to help you get into and stay in shape!

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