Dec 11

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5 Days of Healthy Holiday Gifts – Day 2 – Fit Bit

A fitbit is a pedometer on steroids.  You can check out my full review on my personal blog for full details.  I’ve been a loyal fitbit user for years and strive every day to hit as close to 10,000 steps as possible.

Till this year, Fitbit’s only price point has been $100, but this year, they introduced a less expensive version, the Zip, that is only $59 and comes in several bright colors making Fitbit more accessible.  It is also battery operated vs the original Fitbit that charges through a usb charger you plug into your computer.  Besides being fun, the colors also stick out on your clothing so you are not as likely to throw it in the washer with your pants (I have done this twice and it killed the unit.)

Where to buy them

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