Jun 03

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The CTA Shut Down my bus Stop and What Happened Next was Amazing!

The CTA canceled my bus route at the most inconvenient time

A while back, the bus route by my house that I take to go downtown was eliminated.  No advance notice, no sign up at the old bus stop explaining what happened and directing riders to an alternate stop, it was just shut down.

I discovered this when I was in a rush, on the way to an important meeting.  I had just enough time to hop on the bus and make it downtown.  When I got there and discovered there was no stop, there wasn’t enough time to walk to the EL, which was several blocks away.  I loved that bus route.  It was convenient, close to home and convenient.  I was a little thrown off because I had been taking the bus for so long.

Then something really amazing happened

I didn’t have much time to think about it, so I stepped out and put my hand out for a cab and then something amazing happened.  TWO cabs pulled over to pick me up and then, they started fighting over me!  Without hesitation, I got into the cab with the driver who I had made eye contact with first.  It was a lovely drive into the city and I made it to my meeting right on time.

 It was so easy to move on

It didn’t take long for me to shift gears and take a cab vs the bus. Once I made the decision to take the cab, there were two of them waiting for me.

I wish life was that easy.  There’s someone in my life, who for all intents and purposes has moved on.  I’ve tried to move on, but it’s hard when you are used to one person, even when things aren’t perfect, they are comfortable.  But it’s time to move on and I need to figure out how to put myself back in the game.  I hope finding a new guy is as easy as finding a cab!

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